Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sparkling Clean

We recently remodeled Kate's bathroom... really the bathroom is used by all of us but it is closest to her room so who can argue that logic?

When Kate takes her glasses off she is pretty much blind.  She actually sleeps in her glasses so she can see the TV or at 2 am when she announces she is going to the bathroom she doesn't fall or trip over the items on the floor in her room.

For at least the last 10 years that I can think of (since we moved into this house and the bathroom off the family room has two shower heads) she and I have showered together.  That way she was safe in the tub - no falls - and she was rinsed well.  The new bathroom gave me the freedom to shower alone!  Happy Dance.

The new shower is ADA accessible with hand grips, a low lip to get in and out and a shower head that can be raised or lowered on a bar. So the new routine is when I am almost done in the shower, I tell Bear (the German Shepherd who feels the need to guard me while I'm in the shower from Norman Bates I assume) to get Kate.  He opens her door and kisses her awake - she comes in and I get out. The shower head can be put on pause and that way the water is always the right temp when she gets in and she is "independent" in the shower now.

I come back in when I'm dressed to give her the final once over to be sure all the bubbles are down the drain, dry her off and help her dress.  This morning when I was toweling her off in the shower, she says to me, "Am I shiny?" with her arms spread wide and a huge smile on her face.  My question - why would you be shiny was answered quickly when she told me she used shampoo on her body to make it all shiny!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

You Just Never Know What To Expect!

Kate called me at work today and this was the conversation:

Hi Mom, the policeman needs our home phone number.

Why Kate?

He does – tell me.

Kate, are you with the policeman now?

Yes Mom – I’m not in trouble.

Kate, can I please talk to the policeman?

Sure Mom...

Hello Ma’am, I’m Officer ____ of the Wilmette police department.  Your daughter is fine.  The bus that she was riding was in a minor accident and we are just taking the names and information of the riders as a formality. 

So Kate is fine?

Yes Ma’am she is.

She has a State ID in her purse that has her information on it.  Did she give that to you?

No Ma’am, she didn’t offer that to me.  But she did ask me for my business card so she could call me later.

Why am I not surprised!