Friday, June 27, 2014

I Wonder What Else She Said...

Kate attends Our Place of New Trier Township every day.  Some days it is all day, some days only half.  She loves it there - and they love her.

Patty is now working there part time as a Program Assistant.  It has been interesting to hear her tell stories about Kate now that she has first hand knowledge of what is taking place there.

I posted in a previous blog how Kate enjoys calling us - and herself - names of characters from her favorite television shows.  Patty was in the van while they were going to the bowling alley for recreation.  One of the staff members was trying to get Kate's attention and said, "Katlin Cynthia".  Patty said - who are you talking to?  His response - your sister.  

Well, Kate's middle name is Marie so it confused Patty a little.  Come to find out - since staff knew her name was Katlin due to all the forms you fill out to attend, she changed her middle name to Cynthia (Angelica's doll on Rug Rats) and has told them that is her name. Clever girl huh?  Maybe not the angel I think she is?

We signed up to go to a concert with Our Place soon.  I was emailing the director back and forth and he said in one of the emails - you are welcome to come but no singing... I wonder if Kate told him how bad my voice was?  We joke that people don't even sit in front of us at church due to my voice.... hmmm.. wonder what else she has told them?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Life's Not Hard

So I'm normally not someone who has pity parties.  I'm usually the glass is half full type of person. The type that figures the person honking behind me when the light had turned green a millisecond ago is not a naturally born jerk, I say to myself they just got a call that someone they love is in the hospital and they have to get there - NOW!

So today I guess I was due.  After all, I do live with three adult women (Kate and the "other two" as she sometimes calls them are home from college - used to living on their own and now back in Mom and Dad's home-ouch), a husband and three dogs, two who have to be kept separated and I work full time.  Like I said, normally this is not an issue and I feel blessed to have a full life.

I get up every morning and make breakfast for 5 adults and three dogs.  I grab that first cup of coffee with my right hand my frying pan with the left and I prepare, cook, package and clean up - 5-6 days a week.  So on Sundays, lately - my husband I have been going to church (alone-almost a date) and out for breakfast after church (alone and a date!). This Sunday we didn't make it  to church - but I thought we would still go out for breakfast. How nice to be close enough to the restaurant- we could have even ridden our bikes up there. But no, he says how about scrambled eggs today instead of the breakfast sandwich.

I get out the frying pan and I made his scrambled and mine over easy.  Kate had already been up and eaten and gone back up to her room.  The "other two" were still sleeping. Art could tell I was upset and when he asked about what and I told him. He felt bad for not offering to take me out to breakfast, which made me feel bad for making him feel bad and then the tears started.

So I took the dog for a long bike ride trying to work it out.  No luck.  When I came back to the house Kate was at the computer and I guess she saw me upset.  I went out into the backyard to water the new plants in the yard, headset on to try again.  No luck, but at least the tears were done, just my heart hurt now.  I was coming back into the house when Kate met me at the door.  

Apparently she had asked Art why Mom was sad.  He said, "Sometimes life is just hard honey."  When she met me at the door, she put both her hands on my shoulders and said firmly, "Life's not hard Mom!" and then hugged me and tickled me under the chin and went back to her room to watch a new DVD she got from the library yesterday.

Your right Kate, it is all perspective and sometimes I lose mine.  Thanks for sharing your joy and reminding me, life's not hard - it was just a moment for me that was hard.  I'm good again, thanks!