Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas Magic

We will always have that in our house, the Magic of Christmas. 27 years of Kate on Christmas morning trying to sneak down to see if there are presents under the tree.  Or going into Sister's room to tell her Santa has been here. And the trip to and from Grandmas' is SO LONG!    Keep the magic and spread the JoY!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

It Was A Hard Day For Her

This time of year there is a break in Kate's recreation schedule.  In other words, she is home all-day-long on Saturday.  It is very hard on her (and us) when her schedule is disrupted but we try to fill in her day with activities.  

Yesterday for instance, we emptied the dishwasher, straightened her room, folded her laundry - all to earn three bucks. Then we went to the library, dollar store and resale shop. She spent her three dollars at dollar store and even got us a candy bar to share (so sweet).

These days are hard for her, I felt like I was constantly asking her to be quite, stop yelling, don't slam that, leave it alone.  You get the idea.

As a family we pray before our meals.  The rules are if you talk during the prayer, you have to walk around the table before you eat.  So yesterday we sat down to eat lunch, Kate sat across from me.  I said, Kate you remember the rules.  She said yes.  

Then she got up and walked around the table before we even prayed.  Yes, it was a hard day for her.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Two or Forty

Kate is always looking for a job. And no, she can't read the paper, but she looks for a job there! If you would see her schedule, you would be hard pressed to find 4 hours in a day that are consecutive to insert another activity.  We have always maintained that she will never be able to earn an income to be self-sufficient, so our job as her parents is to be sure she has the best life possible.  

If she needs money for an event, I always give her a couple of dollars out of the kitchen drawer.  I keep money in there in case we are going somewhere and don’t have any cash on us.

Her weekly activities include, but are not limited to: bowling, pool time at Jane’s and cooks out, working out with Megan, beach, bowling (again) drama, workshop (three mornings a week), basketball, community lunch, sports and rec, happy hour, water aerobics, meditation, Friday Night excursions and Saturday night socials.  Where would she fit a job?  

If you ask her why she wants a job she says for the money.  I tell her just ask if you need money, I will give it to you.   Or do some chores.  She asks.

Last Monday afternoon she was bowling with her friends from Our Place.  She gets Iced Tea from the concession stand there.  I know that and usually she will ask me for two bucks before she leaves in the morning.  For some reason this week I left the house before her.  She was waiting for her bus with her sister.  Apparently she didn’t ask her for money either.

I got a text in the afternoon from one of the workers at Our Place.  It said this:
“Hi! So Kate has shown up today with $40 (two $20’s) that she says she found in a secret drawer. Know anything about this??”

Two dollars or forty, apparently all the same to her.  Guess I have to find a new secret spot to stash my cash!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Because You Have A Good Time, I Have A Better Time

You will never guess where this picture was taken.  At church! (please don't be offended Pastor Manny, it wasn't because of your sermon.)  When she has to be quite, she usually falls asleep.  Wish I could do that. If she isn't sleeping at church, however, she is singing!

A couple of weeks ago - a girl who knows Kate, came up to me after church and said that Kate's behavior bothered her.  I was speechless.  After all - this was church!

I wish I was a better person and could handle these situations correctly, but I'm not.  I quickly go into the kid on the school playground who just wants to protect the kid being bullied. (I pounded two boys for picking on a disabled neighbor girl - but that is a different story) I know not everyone loves my Kate as much as I do.  And I get it that she can bother you sometimes.  I get that - really I do.  There are days you feel like your ears will bleed because she is so chatty.

My feelings were hurt, but the look on Kates face hurt worse.  I could tell she knew what was being said about her and she was - sad, hurt, shocked, sorry, confused all at the same time.  I put my arm round her shoulder to turn her away and walked away.  She crossed her arms in front of herself and put her chin down.  No tears, just a little "I'm sorry" was what she said.  I said to her, "don't worry about her Kate, she just doesn't get it."  And like always - she forgives and forgets and I struggle with these things.

This past Sunday, we went to late service at church.  We normally go to the early service, but this week it worked out that we were at the later service.  So we go in and sit near the rear, probably 4 rows in on the left near the isle.  Kate sits next to the isle then me then Art. The first part of our service is worship in song.  There is a worship team up in front that leads us and we sing.  We are told "stand as you are able" so up we go and the music starts.  Kate stands with us, but her head is on a swivel this whole time as she is looking for people she knows. But - if there is a word repeated in the song - like hallelujah- she will sing that - loudly and off key (genetics I'm afraid)- and if it is a lively tune her arms will be going high also.

The last song in the set was one such song and Kate was really into it!  After the last song we are asked to turn and greet your neighbors. A young women who I have never seen before came up to Kate and said, "Can I give you a hug? You made me so happy to watch how much you worship the Lord.  You are wonderfully made and I just love you honey." Kate gave her a big "awww" and a Kate hug (kind of a head butt with some patting of her hands on your shoulder).

I was crying again at church because of what someone was saying to my daughter.  But this week I will remember these kind words over the cruel ones of the week before.  Lessons to be learned... sleep when you can, sing even if you can't, forgive quickly and make a choice on what to remember and what to forget.  Thanks again Katie Girl for another life lesson.