Sunday, August 30, 2015

It Was A Hard Day For Her

This time of year there is a break in Kate's recreation schedule.  In other words, she is home all-day-long on Saturday.  It is very hard on her (and us) when her schedule is disrupted but we try to fill in her day with activities.  

Yesterday for instance, we emptied the dishwasher, straightened her room, folded her laundry - all to earn three bucks. Then we went to the library, dollar store and resale shop. She spent her three dollars at dollar store and even got us a candy bar to share (so sweet).

These days are hard for her, I felt like I was constantly asking her to be quite, stop yelling, don't slam that, leave it alone.  You get the idea.

As a family we pray before our meals.  The rules are if you talk during the prayer, you have to walk around the table before you eat.  So yesterday we sat down to eat lunch, Kate sat across from me.  I said, Kate you remember the rules.  She said yes.  

Then she got up and walked around the table before we even prayed.  Yes, it was a hard day for her.