Monday, September 22, 2014

Under Fall

Kate is home sick today.  So I am home from work today also.  She has had a cold - I was so hoping it would be allergies - since Friday.  Today it was the unproductive cough and running nose that didn't stop.

So off to the doctors.

Such a trooper waiting for the doctor to give us the good news, home today and tomorrow. Kate talks a lot normally - but when she is sick, even more so.

So next stop is the to the pharmacy. Of course it is next to Dunkin... so even better drugs in the form of Boston Kreme!

If you would ask her if she is sick, she would say, "I'm over the weather" or "I'm under fall" - close enough, we know she is "under the weather". 

I am always curious what the dogs do during the day... question answered.