Friday, August 8, 2014

Your Mission ‘Statement’ Should You Choose To Accept....

What is a mission statement you ask?

“A mission statement defines in a paragraph or so any entity's reason for existence. It embodies its philosophies, goals, ambitions and mores. Any entity that attempts to operate without a mission statement runs the risk of wandering through the world without having the ability to verify that it is on its intended course.”

That is all well and good for the corporate America – but what about little ole me?  hadn't given it any thought until recently for a work project, we were asked to write our “personal mission statement”.  Crazy I thought.  But then when I read the definition of a mission statement – wow – I don’t want to run the risk of wandering. But wait – I’m over 50 and I have never had a mission statement. Have I been wandering?

So I gave it my best shot, and I must admit – it made me think, hard, about what I want to be known for – work towards – or just be.  Here is mine:

My mission is to show others the knowledge in my heart and my love for the Lord. To be kind to the world, producing thought evoking designs and memory making moments; to show love, tolerance and respect to animals and humans of all abilities.

I printed this out and put it on my desk at work. It is a good reminder so I don’t get lost and start wandering, again. Maybe if we all had one to follow, not so many of us would forget what we consider important and lose our way.
Our foster dog Wilbur (10+ years, one eye, scars) with Patty