Monday, December 22, 2014

This Is Why I Don't Drink

So today, Kate was up early, like before 6 a.m., dressed and ready to go to work.  Could be because it is the holiday season and she can’t wait for Santa... could be because she wasn’t stimulated enough yesterday and was full of energy... could just be because.

So I’m trying to open my eyes with a cup of coffee, make breakfast for four, lunch for one and 5 dogs fed four different foods.  All the while Kate is following me, talking nonstop.  I’m still not sure what I put in Art’s lunch – just hoping it wasn’t one of the foods for the dogs.

I thought I had shut a baby gate but Kate got through it and so did one dog who doesn’t like the other dog and that started a fight.  Not that they got to each other, but the adrenaline rises when the barking starts.

Sarah and Adrienne working on Solar Car
Senior Prom
4th Grade maybe?
Sarah had rented a car to go to upper Michigan, I mean more like southern Canada, and move her best bud Miss A home from college over the weekend.  The rental car had to be dropped off at 7:30 am before I took her to the train, before I went to work. Kate’s bus doesn’t come until 8:15 and we left at 7:25 with her promising to wait inside for the bus.  She watches TV in the dining room while she waits so I was fairly certain she would stay put.

On the way to work Kate calls to discuss her birthday – which isn’t until January.  After that conversation I don’t take a couple of calls from her until I get to work.  She then calls to tell me her bus is late.  By my calculations it was still not time for it to come.
After the 3rd or 4th call from her I call and wake Patty up because if it is late, I will have to go get her and drive her to Our Place. 

Patty calls to tell me as soon as she got downstairs the bus came.  Now she is mad at me because she is awake for no reason.  Oh joy.

There is a long stretch between phone calls so I assume all is well... not.

I see a text from Art that says what is wrong with Kate.  I take the next call.  Kate is at the workshop – on a Monday – when she is supposed to be at Our Place.  Why the bus took her to the workshop is beyond me, but they won’t take her to Our Place even after she told them and believe me I bet that drivers ears were bleeding by the time she was done yelling at him that he was wrong.

I ask to talk to a worker and explain she should not be there and that I was on my way to get her.  I leave work and get in the car to go get her when the phone rings and it was Our Place looking for Kate.  I explained I was on my way and would be there within the hour. They said she called but they were not sure what she was saying – not surprised. 

By the way, Patty forgot to call yesterday to set up her bus so I have to leave work again at 2 to get her to work by 3.  I was supposed to have physical therapy today on my lunch hour but called to cancel that because I will spend that time driving children. 

This is why I don't drink,  I’m afraid if I started drinking I may not stop.

So I’m sitting here frustrated and the day isn’t even half over when the phone rings again – it is Kate.  All she says to me is “Hi Honey, you’re the best, Love Ya” and hangs up  ... sure hope she meant to call me.