Monday, July 14, 2014

I'm Okay With You Going - Not!

Our three girls have always been close.  Their abilities are as vast as the ocean, but the love they share for each other is also as vast. We may not have done everything right as parents, but instilling the fact that family is important was one thing I can say we did do right.

When they were young I would often find all three in one bed in the morning, a twin bed.

I can remember Sarah lying in Patty's bed in ER after a Grand Mal Seizure hugging her.

And Kate - well, we know Kate is full of love and joy. 

We had been discussing the trip to Texas for awhile to help Kate understand that Rocket Girl would be gone for a long time.  Some days Kate will call Sarah at 2 am just to talk. She could go to her room to do that, but it is easier to call her on the phone I guess.

Sarah was getting ready to go on the Solar Car Race trip to Texas last week.  On Thursday it was a flurry of activity - we all procrastinate.  Sarah was going on a final run for supplies and asked Kate if she wanted to go.  Of course not.  But bring her back some sun screen and bug spray.  Lotions, batteries and phone numbers rank pretty high on her happiness level.

So Sarah got pretty well packed Thursday night thanks to Patty helping her find everything. Departure was going to be Friday afternoon.

When I got up Friday morning this is what I found in the hallway outside Kate's bedroom.  Be still my heart...

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Smarter Than She Looks

That would be my Kate.  She has grown up in the recent years. She has moved from Dora and Barney (thank God) to HGTV and all the remodeling shows. One of her favorite gifts for her Birthday was a subscription to HGTV magazine.  She knows all the designers by name - of course!

So I should not have been surprised by the birthday gift she got Sarah recently.  But I was shocked.  Kate went to the Milwaukee Fest with a group from The Center For Enriched Living.  We were told to send $20 for her to purchase lunch and a spending money if she wanted. She asked for more so she could by Sarah a birthday present while she was there. 

When she shops with me, she grabs the first shirt on the rack.  Exclaims "I Love It" and our shopping adventure is over.  Doesn't matter if it is too big or to small - she is done.

When she showed us the cowboy hat she got Sarah for her birthday present, Art and I looked at each other with shock.  When I asked her why a cowboy hat, she told me,"Sarah is going to Texas and will need it."

Sure enough, in about a week Sarah will be heading to Texas to start her solar car race with the ISU Solar Car Team and other colleges from around the country. 8 states in 8 days! 

I'm thinking there is a lot more going on in that pretty little head of hers than I realized.