Friday, August 11, 2017

Yes, some days are harder than others ...

I had Kate and Patty at the doctors this morning here in Arizona. We have only been here a year so this is a new relationship. It was just a routine visit, but from our first visit with this kind doctor, I knew she "got" me and my family. She would spend extra time with Kate asking her questions and listening to Kate's endless repeating tales. She always complimented Patty on her smile and her kindness to her sister. She would give me a bear hug and tell me I'm a good Mom. Sometimes I just need someone to tell me.

She told us today she was retiring and this was our last visit. I actually had leaking eyes ( I seem to do that a lot I'm told). She also said to me while hugging me close that I should write a book or blog or something. So I'm going to honor our relationship by blogging more.

So some days are harder than others. Today a doctor who I trusted is no longer there for me and the girls and I need to find someone else who "gets" us. And I'm sure a lot of people would never want to walk the proverbial mile in my shoes. But I'm guessing those same people wish they could walk down the street holding hands with their daughter. For 29 years I have had that joy.

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