Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I Just Can't Wrap My Brain Around It

After my hiatus from blogging, I posted a blog that had sat in "draft" form regarding the inadequacies of the State of Illinois. It was about how  I had received a letter from Illinois Healthcare and Family Services stating that I HAD to choose a health care plan for Kate to be enrolled in by September 25, 2015, or they would choose one. I had explained we had coverage and didn't need it.  I was given a phone number that no one ever answered as a solution.

Patty giving Kate moral support at the doctor in AZ

Well the saga continues.  Since we have moved to Arizona, the house in IL has been receiving paperwork for Kate from an insurance company providing coverage for her through the State.  Knowing how the system works, or more appropriately, doesn't work, I just wasn't up for that battle.  I hoped, with no response on our part, I would eventually receive a notice saying something along the lines of "since you are not responding to our correspondence we will assume you no longer require coverage" or something similar to that.

No such luck.  Someone actually came to the house and put paperwork in the door. Which means someone went to the trouble to drive to our house and knock on the door hoping to catch someone at home.  Hard to do since we live 1500 miles away.  And by the way, I had officially notified all the parties involved that we were moving and Kate was no longer a resident of the State of Illinois and was a resident in the State of Arizona - she has a state ID to prove that.

So my daughter Sarah, still at the house in IL, said Mom, maybe you should contact them and get this taken care of.  So I did.  As I work 10 hours days in AZ, I called them from my desk during a break.  I called the phone number listed on the paperwork that states, "call us if you have questions". I called that 800 number and explained the situation.  I explained  it four different times as that is how many times I was transferred.  My break is only 15 minutes, so on the fifth transfer I sat and waited for over 5 minutes for someone to pick up, then I hung up.  That was probably the middle of September.

Today, September 28, I received a call from the insurance company here at my desk.  They wanted to know if all my issues were resolved.  I explained to her, nicely mind you, our issues and she offered to transfer me.  I politely said no and hung up.  I just can't wrap my brain around it.

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