Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Small World

Kate has a friend in Illinois who, when I mention the words he says often, those who know him will immediately know who I’m speaking of.  Every day, all the time. 

Yes, I’m talking about Jesse.  Jesse and Kate are good friends and would see each other at Our Place and other social functions.  He is a very tall young man, who lives during the week at Misericordia in Chicago and stays with his Mom on the weekends.  It is during the weekends that he does a lot of social activities with his friends in the North Shore, that used to include the Noll family.

Kate and I had lunch with Jesse and him Mom at a restaurant in Morton Grove.  He obviously went there often as most of the wait staff knew him by name.  And he is not a shy quite boy by any means.  Before the meal was served we said Grace and I’m pretty sure the tables at the far end of the room heard our giving thanks to the Lord… okay by me buddy!

Jesse doesn’t watch TV, but he is a whiz on the computer.  Almost daily I would, and still do, receive an email from him with simple requests: Please tell Kate and Mr. Noll and Patty hello. – How are you? – Please send me two business cards. - How is Arizona?

He also leaves me voice mails, mostly telling me he misses us.

Recently, Sarah (the only family member who hasn’t met Jesse) was doing volunteer work with ComEd. I knew this because she sent me a picture of the flower arrangement she had made.  When I asked her what she was doing, she asked me what Kate’s friend Jesse’s last name was.  When I told her, she said she was just hanging out with Jesse and Daniel (another old high school friend of Kate's).  Sarah was volunteering at Misericordia and they were delivering flowers together. 

She sent me a picture of Jesse waving to me from Illinois, and I sent one back of me waving to Jesse from Arizona. 

I smiled the rest of the day.

Of course he asked Sarah for two business cards and now she is also receiving his emails... life is good, share the joy!

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